Pooh Sticks in the Alberta Gallery

I’m a featured artist in Alberta Gallery, an online art gallery curated by Russian photographer Serge Kireev. When he accepted my submission and published my page I laughed so hard when I saw the phrase he’d chosen from my “about me” for the huge white header: “I am always up for a game of Pooh […]

Working Backwards: Chapter 7

It was about time I updated my blog and I haven’t told you much about The Cats of the River Darro lately… So here we go! If you missed my post about chapter 8, click here to catch up! For this chapter, as with all of them, I read through Derek’s writing and underlined parts […]

Work in Progress

A sneaky peak of part of my latest work in progress for my Granada series! I will add prints to my Etsy shop once it is done. In the meantime, have a browse of my work currently for sale: http://www.etsy.com/shop/nlphillips Happy Friday everyone!