The Next Big Thing

This post is a little bit special. It’s my contribution to the phenomenon sweeping blogs and websites across the globe in which writers and bloggers tell of what they hope will be their Next Big Thing. I’m very excited to be part of the Spanish chapter of this fantastic initiative! Before I launch excitedly into […]

Originally posted on The Cats of the River Darro:
A sneaky peak behind the scenes of The Cats of the River Darro’s launch day photoshoot, exhibition preparation and party held on Saturday 22nd September at Totes y Amigos, Granada. Photographer Anna Mirabet and author Derek Dohren next to the Genil river, featured in the book.…

Working Backwards: Chapter 8

For those of you who don’t know, I illustrated a book recently. The book in question is called The Cats of the River Darro. It’s by a gentleman named Derek Dohren, I’d love to tell you more but unfortunately now isn’t the time so you’re just going to have to do some independent research. My aim […]