The Next Big Thing

This post is a little bit special. It’s my contribution to the phenomenon sweeping blogs and websites across the globe in which writers and bloggers tell of what they hope will be their Next Big Thing. I’m very excited to be part of the Spanish chapter of this fantastic initiative! Before I launch excitedly into […]

New Project

A preview of a new project I’ve just started working on. I can’t say much yet… For now I can reveal it’s an illustrated story book set in Spain! Having fun sketching things out and getting ideas down on paper to work with. While I’m scribbling away, don’t forget to take part in my competition to win […]

Current Read

The Impressionists learnt how to cut life up into glances and interjections. Whistler, the master of ‘variations’ and ‘caprices’, explained that “On any given canvas the colours must, so to speak, be embroidered on; that is, the same colour must reappear at intervals, like a single thread in an embroidery.” …I have been working long […]