Unsung Magazine

Hello hello! I have been quite quiet recently online. But don’t fear! I am still here, working harder than ever on new projects… to be revealed soon! In the meantime, some NEWS. I’m featured in Unsung The Magazine’s summer issue! Head on over to their website to pre-order your digital or print copy now in time for its […]

Spring in Granada

Granada is a place of extremes, the weather included. There are really only two seasons: summer and winter. Spring and autumn are generally three days in between where it either goes from freezing cold to boiling hot or vice-versa. Of course there are weeks when it is that little bit hotter or colder than the others but […]

Pooh Sticks in the Alberta Gallery

I’m a featured artist in Alberta Gallery, an online art gallery curated by Russian photographer Serge Kireev. When he accepted my submission and published my page I laughed so hard when I saw the phrase he’d chosen from my “about me” for the huge white header: “I am always up for a game of Pooh […]