Working Backwards: Chapter 7

It was about time I updated my blog and I haven’t told you much about The Cats of the River Darro lately… So here we go! If you missed my post about chapter 8, click here to catch up!

For this chapter, as with all of them, I read through Derek’s writing and underlined parts that stood out to me to illustrate and details I wanted to incorporate, both from the fictional story that opens the chapter and the main body of text. I then sketched out some rough ideas using my notes and the chapter 8 illustration to inspire the style until a hit upon an idea I loved! Thanks to the trusty Granada Insider I found a pic of the view of the Alhambra I wanted and voilà! Here’s how it all went down:

Drawing The Final Composition


Filling In The Ink! 


Feedback From My Creative Director!


Taking Shape!


By Naptime It’s Done!!


The Finished Illustration!


Finally Illustration & Words Are United In Chapter 7 Heaven!


You can get prints of the illustrations and other works of mine from my Etsy shop! Please make my day and get a little something for yourself or as a gift for a special someone! I will be adding more colourful prints from my Granada series soon. Also, head over to Amazon to check out The Cats of the River Darro. It’s worth getting a copy just for the pictures 😉

Have a great weekend!!

Natasha xo

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