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Hello hello!

I have been quite quiet recently online. But don’t fear! I am still here, working harder than ever on new projects… to be revealed soon! In the meantime, some NEWS.

I’m featured in Unsung The Magazine’s summer issue!

Head on over to their website to pre-order your digital or print copy now in time for its release on 31st July. There is also a subscription offer available until 7th July:

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Last but not least… I’m up for Unsung’s Favourite Artist Award! Please vote for me!

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Voting ends 1st September but you can vote for me once a month before then. So that’s once now and once in August. I’d really appreciate your votes! Fire up your electronic communication devices, put a tick next to Natasha Phillips and click send. Thank you!

New Work in Progress

A few shots of what’s been keeping me busy lately!

Brainstorming and initial sketches

Final Composition 


The painting part is all done! Now all that’s left is adding the ink details. Easier said than done as this piece is tiny, only 15 x 15 cm. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes! Can you guess what it represents / what it’s for…? All will be revealed soon!

Spring in Granada

Granada is a place of extremes, the weather included. There are really only two seasons: summer and winter. Spring and autumn are generally three days in between where it either goes from freezing cold to boiling hot or vice-versa. Of course there are weeks when it is that little bit hotter or colder than the others but in general, that’s it.

Granada Sledging WinterI have to admit it’s a climate that takes a bit of getting used to. In the winter it’s cold. I mean, not like Russia or anything. As long as you go out sensibly dressed with your winter warmers on, it’s fine. There are usually a few weeks in which the wind is really biting, blowing down off the snow-covered Sierra Nevada. During those periods you would not recognise me in the street. In fact, the best way to pick me out in a crowd would be by searching for the person wearing 12 layers, a massive coat, 2 scarves, a hat, gloves, leg warmers and big boots. Of course once you start moving you’re absolutely boiling and going for a drink in a bar means rapidly stripping off and piling  all your garments up in a precarious pile wherever you can find a space (usually on top of the cigarette machine).

Billie WinterAs I said, Granada is a land of extremes. Something that continues to surprise me every year is just how quickly you are thrown from one to the next.  Get a sunny day in winter and you’ll be sweating in a T-shirt under the rays but step into the shade or get caught out without a coat when the sun goes down and it’ll definitely feel a bit nippy! In the winter it seems impossible that it could ever be so hot in the summer and in the summer you completely forget about the winter chills. It’s so different that you literally can’t imagine the opposing season could ever exist in the same place.


Billie Summer

Look at me being all British and writing up a storm about the weather! You can take the girl out of England… What got me started on all of this was that today is officially the first day of spring! I’m so excited for Granada to realise and get its spring on! Once spring melts into summer you can walk around day and night in shorts and T-shirt, go sit in a square with friends in the evening with a few bottles of vino and snacks or terrace hop, enjoying a different tapa with your drink at each bar along the way. Life here is lived outside or, as a Spanish friend said the other day while practising his English, “In Granada, we all live on the street”!

To celebrate and encourage the arrival of spring I’m offering a 5 euro discount on all my art in my Etsy shop until 20 April! I hope to add some new prints as well as bigger sizes in the next few weeks so keep on the lookout! Just enter the coupon code PRIMAVERA2013 at the checkout to get your 5€ off! If you have any problems or queries at all, just get in touch with me. Enjoy!

Alhambra Granada Summer